Future Me Letter – Spring Check-in

I wrote another letter to my future self at the end of 2011, as recommended by Jess at Makeunder My Life.  Basically, you write a letter to yourself for next year about what you want your life to be like, and what goals you want to have accomplished.  Often, you’ll find that a high percentage of the things you wanted actually happened!  And you can send the letter to yourself at various points in the year to remind yourself of what your goals are.

I guess I decided the first Monday in April would be my first check-in for my future letter, because I got my letter from futureme.org this morning.  I was surprised at how I didn’t really remember anything I wrote!  I guess it was good to check in =)  Here is a quick breakdown of some of the items in my letter:

Things that have already come true:

  • We live in Richmond, and we like it here
  • We have a really cute apartment
  • In early 2012, I focused on a project and it was successful (I started posting regularly on Clavis Cryptica.  I now have over 60 posts and get around 30-60 hits per day.  It was 1-20 hits per day in January!)
  • I’ve been keeping the apartment much cleaner (it helps that it is so cute!)

Things I’ve been trying to work on and have been doing well with:

  • Being more active in general, less lazy

Things I need to re-focus on:

  • Exercise and eating better
  • Reading lots of books

The biggest goal I need to achieve is getting a job!  There are lots of other things in my letter that I can’t really accomplish until I start making some money (saving back up our emergency fund, going out and doing things in Richmond, getting some basic furniture pieces we still don’t have like a dresser).

Still, despite that big goal still being up in the air, I’m really happy with what has already come true and what I’ve accomplished!  At the end of 2011, my biggest obstacle was that we were really unsure about our future and where we would be over the next few months.  I couldn’t job hunt or do anything like that not knowing where we would be living, and that was really frustrating at the time.  But it was kind of a blessing in disguise, because it encouraged me to work on my puzzle blog since I could do that no matter where we lived or if we moved.  I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made!  And now that we’re settled down somewhere, I can get started on the rest of my letter =)


This Week I’m Thankful for…

Jess over at Makeunder My Life has started a nice habit of taking snapshots of things/moments she is thankful for throughout the week.  I think the idea (and the TED talk that inspired it) is lovely, so I want to do it too!  Also, I don’t take nearly enough photos of the fun things we do, so it’s a way to both document happy times and be thankful/increase overall happiness!

I don’t have an iPhone, so I’m using an Instagram knockoff called Retro Camera.  The square photos are so convenient for this type of post, and I like the vintage look!

I got started a little late, so I only have six photos today, and I took five of them just today, haha.  This week I’m thankful for amazing weather (beautiful snow followed by 70 degree sunshine), homemade sweets, stressLess life (click here for ways to reduce stress), bright nail polish, a day off for Nick, playing soccer together, and BODO’S BAGELS!

Sophie Neveu Style

Finally watched The Da Vinci Code for the first time last night, thanks to Amazon Instant Video!  I was amazed at how faithful it was to the book, and how many scenes were exactly how I imagined them!  (Also amazed how much I actually remembered from the book, normally my memory is terrible with things like that).  Anyway, most of the movie I was just admiring how gorgeous Audrey Tautou is, and what a talented actress she is, and how great Sophie Neveu is as a female character.  I also really liked her style in the film, very flattering office wear!  I couldn’t find many images of her online, but I put what I did find into a little collage.  Always good to keep fashion inspiration handy and make sure you only bring pieces into your wardrobe that you really love!  Click the image for a slightly larger version.


Clavis Cryptica Art Prizes

A couple of weeks ago, I had a little bit of a contest over at Clavis Cryptica where the first five people to solve my Combination Lock Puzzle earned themselves a custom drawing! I didn’t really guarantee any level of quality with these, except that I would spend at least 15 minutes on the first-place drawing, so a lot of these are pretty sketchy and thrown-together!

First I’ll start with the consolation prizes, for Snooze and Kearby who solved after the 5-person cutoff.

I wasn’t sure what to draw for Snooze, so Nick suggested something from Starcraft 2! The Ghost seemed like the coolest unit that wasn’t a bug (I don’t want to draw bugs!) or a complicated robot.  He summons nuclear missiles!


Kearby loves UVA and the marching band, and he also plays saxophone, so here is Cavman playing a sax!


Philip came in fifth place and requested an intellectual porcupine, doing whatever he loves to do.  I decided he loves to read!


Fourth place went to none other than Jen Doo! She requested a treehouse party with these three adorable stuffed animals. I made them playing cards!  I feel like this one turned out the most sloppy and least nice, I’m sorry Jen! T_T



Greg snuck in to third place, and asked for a depiction of himself and Jen as old-timey English super-sleuths!


Matt asked his girlfriend what she wanted for his second-place drawing, and she requested an image of a robot designing or assembling a male and female human. I added a little backstory: The robot found the Pioneer plaque and is using that as his guide to build some humans inside his spaceship lab! It seemed weird for them to have clothes on, so… butts!


And finally, first place went to Jeremy! He requested something to do with the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks. I promised to spend extra time on this one, so here is a sort of weird comic-book-esque Laura Palmer in the Black Lodge!


Drawing all of these was really fun, especially since I tried to keep it really low-pressure and just draw them once and be done!  I hope everyone likes their prizes!